Are you earning less due to the current lock-down regulations? Do you need another lock-down payment holiday?

We will help!

During lock-down all consumers financial circumstances could be negatively influenced and situations could evolve for that consumers that;

Will earn no income in future due to retrenchment etc.;
Are unsure regarding any future income;
Earn a reduced income from employer in future for some time;
Earn their normal income but will have additional expenses due to provision for dependents irregular income;
Earned an income the previous month where creditors debited their bank accounts leaving them with insufficient monies to provide for day to day living expenses and or dependents day to day expenses.
Should your financial situation have changed due to the Lock-down, please contact us and we WILL provide assistance, even if it is to only provide advice.

We also have various ways that we can provide extended assistance over and above the assistance offered herein, depending on each consumer's individual situation.

Should any of your friends or family be subject to any one of the situations noted above, they are welcome to contact us for a free no obligation assessment pertaining to their situation.

We will also provide advice relating to Banks claim to assist their clients in terms of their decision that  they will implement COVID-19 cash-flow relief measures to provide relief to individual customers whose financial stability has been impacted by COVID-19.

And especially for those consumers that are no longer assisted by financial institutions in terms of the cash flow relief measures, We can help you.

Certain financial institutions will claim that they do not have to provide any further assistance after end June 2020 and or will only assist "customers who demonstrate sound banking behavior, such as having honored their repayments to the bank on a consistent basis prior to COVID 19".


Banks and or Creditors have an obligation to assist consumers in terms of The National Credit Act Code of Conduct who they are signatories to and also in terms of other legislation providing for consumers rights to act in accordance with their efforts to sustain income for them and their families day to day expenses.

Contact us Today on 078 319 9429 or fill in our assessment form and we will contact you with a free assessment.

Our current service provision will proceed as usual under the circumstances that prevail.

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